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Estimating Your SON Formula® Dosage


 1. Estimating your Protein Daily Requirement (PDR).
 2. Estimating your Protein Daily Intake (PDI). 
 3. Estimating your PDR-PDI  balance. 
 4. Estimating your SON Formula® dosage.
Please complete the following sections then click "Submit" to view results.
 1. Estimating your Protein Daily Requirement (PDR).
Disclaimer: The following Protein Daily Requirement (PDR) estimate should be considered only for a healthy adult over 18 years old. It should not be applicable during illness, pregnancy, or a recovery period. This PDR estimate is not intended to substitute, in any way, a health practitioner physical evaluation.
 Estimating your Body's Ideal Weight * (BIW)
  Please enter the following information:
Height:  OR 
Gender: Male Female
Body Frame: Small Medium Large
* A BIW should be understood as an estimate of a lean, essentially fat free body.
** This should not take into consideration any fat tissue volume.
 Estimating your Protein Daily Requirement (PDR)
  Please enter the following information:
Degree of performed physical activity
Such as in: weightlifting, wrestling, climbing, gymnastics, playing football, baseball, triathlon, soccer, ironmen, etc.
Such as in: swimming, jogging, running, volleyball, basketball, boxing, cycling, dancing, fencing, rowing, playing tennis, golfing, etc.
Such as in: walking, shopping, driving, etc.
Period of performed physical activity
Professional (more than 6 hours/week)
Amateur (between 3-6 hours/week)
Leisure (between 1-3 hours/week)
Sedentary (less than 1 hour/week)
 2. Estimating your Protein Daily Intake (PDI)
       Please enter the following information:
Daily average intake of meat, fish or poultry
Daily average intake of peas, soy, beans, lentils, chickpeas, or lima beans
Notice:  In case you want to modify your PDI in order to estimate a new PDR-PDI balance, change any of the information above, click "Submit" again and scroll to view results..

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